Client name

Mrs. Bernard

Start of works

April 2018

End of works

May 2018




Cedar, tier, treated wood, aluminum

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A patio with multiple functions

Madame Bernard wanted to have a patio that offers several well-defined areas. A lounge area under the pergola, the sunny area by the pool and the sheltered outdoor dining area under the roof. By the time Ms. Bernard contacted us, phase 1 of the project had already been completed: the floors, the pergola and the roof of the outdoor dining room. She wanted to add a privacy wall on two sides, the banisters, the low walls of the outdoor dining room, the skirt and two accesses for storage under the patio.

To avoid completely cutting off the view of its grounds, we have provided a step in the privacy wall. To keep everything going well, we repeated the same elements in the horizontal slats, keeping a small opening between the boards for a more current look. The black aluminum in the banisters lightens the design. We have created two doors for storage space under the patio and fabricated two half-walls with a height of 36’’ in anticipation of closing this section later. We used grooved pine for the finishing of these small walls. They will be able to receive the windows during phase 3 of the project.

Western Red Cedar Deck
Tiered privacy wall
Ramps in treated wood and black aluminum
Structure in treated wood with membrane
Treated wood skirt